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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Project Runway Season 5 Finale

Tonite is the Project Runway Season Finale! I'm so excited to find out who wins. I absolutely love watching Project Runway, I always watch the marathon re-run of all the current episodes on Bravo. I haven't been able to see the new recent episodes since I don't have cable here, but I'm going home this weekend so that means some good quality t.v. time.. & family time of course! haha. I'm really hoping that Leanne is going to win. Kenley started out as my favorite since I loved her girly sweeet style, but Leanne won my heart with her designs. They all had such beautifully designed pieces in their collections and yay for all girls being in the final 3.... so I can't be mad at whoever wins. Here are my favorites from their NY Fashion Week showing:

Leanne Marshall
The detailing is impeccable in her designs

Kenley Collins
She has a very signature style,
I love how she incorporates feathers and head/hair pieces.

Korto Momolu
I love colors and the safari theme of her outfits

So who do you want to win?

Well I have to get back to studying now, shouldn't even be blogging since I have a massive amount of things to read for my test tomorrow!
Wish me luck!

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