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Thursday, July 22, 2010

35, Single & Fabulous

I love Drew Barrymore! She is so gorgeous and seems so down to earth.  I was at Borders the other day and I came across her Elle August 2010 cover.  I absolutely loved it, I love her smoldering look, wavy hair and black polish with a form fitting shimmery black dress...pure perfection! Her cover quote: "If you're 35 and single and it's a choice, it feels fine. So I didn't settle with the wrong person yet. Big Deal".  I love how she is fine with being single at 35.. as you get older, and everyone around you is getting married, sometimes you feel that pressure put on yourself, but its great that she knows who is and what she wants.

Any pressures of marriage yet?  What do you think of Drew's cover?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Living it up LA Style

So right before I came to SF, I went down to LA & spent a ridiculously fun night in Vegas before starting my job! One last hoo-rah! It was such a great time. We went to the Grove to do some shopping, went to the Griffith observatory, Kodak Theatre, Corona Del Mar Beach, ate lots of good food, hung out with lots of cool people and had a blast :)

walking around the grove

roasting marshmallows on a beach fire we crashed, so californians so nice!

w my 2 college friends, 2 of the most fashionable girls i know, they're darling arent they!?

strolling in the wynn after lunch buffet!

one crazy night at XS

beginning the night at tao

Have you been to LA and /or Vegas? What are your favorite things about those cities?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Neutrogena Clinical FREE!

After Mail-In Rebate, Neutrogena Clinical is free! These anti-aging cremes are always expensive so its nice to be able to try this one for free. I'm definitely gonna go out and buy one of these!

Neutrogena offers a Rebate (up to $40) on their Clinical Facial Lifting Wrinkle Treatment products which would make it Free after rebate.

online options:

Neutrogena Clinical Skincare
$27.99 (save $5)
Free shipping on $25 & get $10 future credit w/ code
-Receive $10 Credit on your next order
-Receive $27.99 rebate
Final Price:
Free plus $10 money maker
Neutrogena Clinical Facial
-Receive $15 eCard (good at Walmart or Sam's Club)
-Receive $35.97 rebate
Final Price:
Free plus $15 money maker Free after rebate with free shipping Free after rebate plus $4.95 S/H

In-store options:

Rite Aid
Neutrogena Clinical Skincare $33.99
$5 printable Neutrogena coupon
-$5 off $25
Rite Aid coupon
-$10 Rite Aid Gift Card WYB $25 SCR #555
-Receive $33.99 rebate
Final Price:
Free plus $20 money maker

Neutrogena Clinical Skincare $34.99

-$5 printable
-Receive $34.99 rebate
Final Price:
Free plus $5 money maker

Neutrogena Clinical Day, Night or Eye $34.99
-$5 printable
-Receive $34.99 rebate
Final Price:
Free plus $5 money maker

Has anyone tried this product or hear any reviews about it?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Busy Bee

I've been SUPER busy... so I will give you a quick update of my life since . I just moved to the San Fran area, started my 1 year residency program and went on recent trips to Seattle & Vancouver and LA & Vegas. It was also my birthday over the 4th of July weekend!

Its an easier adjustment coming back to SF, I couldn't stay away! in terms of not being homesick, but my new job has a lot of responsibilities and the amount of paperwork/charts I have to do it keeping me there much later! I definitely had an overwhelming 1st week, but I know it will get better once I get situated and learn everything.

Some pictures for 4th of July weekend :)

We're being Blackberry models, we're holding up little speech boxes like in comics...I forgot what it said on the boxes

my quick f21 outfit, striped bandage type skirt and a comfy white
racerback, i usually look for a dress for my bday but this is all i could come up with!

Tea time birthday lunch!

Isn't it just darling!?

I also went camping 4th of July weekend and I saw fireworks, it was a fully packed weekend! I will update more about my travels to vancouver/seattle and la/vegas soon!

did you have a great 4th of July weekend?