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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Deep into Aqua

I have been way into online shopping right now. I went to shop for some LV bags with my mom the other day, since she wants to get me one for a grad present, more on that later. Anyhow, while at Bloomingdales, I saw this perfect red one shoulder dress, just the most perfect dress. We went to the mall when it was almost closed so I didn't have a chance to try it on! So I went online to look for it, not online sadly, but I'll def go back to check it out at the store.

Shopping online at just opened pandora's box for me.... I started obsessing over all the great things on sale at Bloomies! I'm especially loving the Aqua line. I'm not too familar with it, but they have some really cute styles and the prices are def more reasonable! I don't regularly shop at Bloomies since everything is pretty pricey, but during the sale season when everything is an ADDITIONAL 25-40% off, who can resist?! Not I! I didn't get all these items but these were some of the ones I liked, what do you guys think? Do you guys shop at Bloomies and have you tried on some of the Aqua line brand clothing?

BTW I believe today is the last day for extra % off at Bloomies so def shop today!

From R - L

Aqua One Shoulder Dress $52.80 + additional 25% off
Aqua Short One Shoulder Tiered Tulle Dress $134.40 + additional 25% off
Aqua Short Tiered Peplum Cocktail Dress $152.60 + additional 40% off
Aqua Short Chiffon Dress with Hanky Hem and Feathers $208.60 + additional 40% off
Aqua Cotton Draped Dress $46.80 + additional 40% off
Aqua Silk Taffeta Bow Dress $66.00 + additional 25% off
Aqua Double-Breasted Boyfriend Blazer $61.60 + additional 40% off
Aqua French Terry Boyfriend Blazer $64.80 + additional 40% off

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Poor poor Haiti... this country seriously has the worst luck.

I've been lucky to have a chance to visit this country Sept 2008, right after Tropical Storm Hanna, Hurricane Ike, Gustav and Fay hit Southern Haiti. We went to Cap-Haitien, Haiti as part of Student Optometric Services to Humanity (SOSH), over 20 people from my optometry school went to provide eye care to those in need. We provided eye exams, gave eye glasses and sunglasses, sent patients for cataract surgery and appropriate referrals to those with serious eye conditions in the screenings we did at community centers.

It was such an eye-opening experience. The people of Haiti have so much hope and such great resilience. They were so grateful to have us there, we were more than happy to do as much as we could for the short week we were there. I'm lucky to have the experience to be able to give through volunteer eye care.

It is so heartbreaking the amount of destruction and devastation encountered by the people of Haiti by the Jan 12th 7.0 earthquake. There has been lots of aid help and awareness made to help raise money for this disaster relief. This country is the poorest in the western hemisphere and it definitely needs all the help it can get to help their residents get food, healthcare, shelter and eventually begin rebuilding. The 'Hope for Haiti' telethon raised a record breaking $58 million dollars with many moving performances from celebrities and artists. I think its great that everyone is trying to do their part to help in whatever way they can.

Donate through American Red Cross or pick your choice from these various organizations, which also list how they're going to use the money.

An easy way to donate through Red Cross is text "HAITI" to "90999" and a donation of $10 will be billed to your cell phone bill.

Don't wait and expect others to help, every little bit helps!

NYE 2010

I didn't really post anything about New Years Eve.... This was actually the first year we went out to D.C. and did the whole big party/open bar thing. It was a lot of fun! We went to Union Station in D.C. which is a historic train station in D.C. It was really nice! Great view of the Capitol building. I decided to post up a few pictures even though I'm way past due!

This is my getting ready moment. Trying on my dress, which I bought for a cruise, but unfortunately didn't get to wear, but add some grey tights and a little faux fur vest, and its perfect for a cold NYE night!

Sorry that last pic is a little blurry! That was just a few snapshots of my NYE night! Hope yours was memorable as well!

Is everyone sticking to their New Years Resolutions?
I've broken a few, going to bed before 12 on a work night, it sounds so easy but it apparently isn't for me! I def need to hit up the gym more as well! It use to be so easy when I was at school, I don't know why I'm such a slacker now!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Golden Globes 2010

Another awards show post, I can't help myself! I just wish I could dress up for one of these events, but of course just wishful thinking ;) Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been really busy applying for residency positions and some other things I'll update you on, but a little fashion eye candy first!

Cameron Diaz looks great in red and I love how she's holding her own red umbrella! I loved Drew Barrymore's gown with the crystal details at the shoulder and the hip, gorgeous! Maggie Gyllenhaal has a perfect form fitting gown on in a pretty peachy color. Jennifer Morrison looked Hollywood glam, love the hair and the red lips, and I can resist anything ruffly as well as chiffon-like as in Emily Blunt's dress. Love her jewels, perfect accent to her dress!

I thought it was interesting that Kate Hudson decided to wear Marchesa BRIDAL to the globes! She does look gorgeous and I don't really think of her dress as a bridal dress, but I guess cuz its more couture. What do you think? Who cares its a bridal dress?

Anna Kendrick from Twilight, I actually don't know who she is since I'm not into the Twillight craze, but I know she has a rocking wardrobe cuz she's always wearing some really cute stuff, so I have to add her in since she's on my radar now. Dianna Agron, from Glee, looks all grown up in a flowy silver dress and I have to add my favorite True Blood stars, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. Anna looks amazing in that sequined dress!

Who were your faves at this year's Golden Globes?

Friday, January 8, 2010

People's Choice GLAM

Everyone who walked the red carpet for the People's Choice Awards hosted by Queen Latifa, looked so amazing!

My absolute favorite, hands down was Jessica Alba. She is seriously one hot mama! I absolutely love her outfit, shoes, her makeup and hair. Just perfection!

Other notables were Carrie Underwood -her dress was so gorgeous and I loved her hair and acessories, Oliva Wilde from House - who looked elegant in Monique Lhuillier, Taylor Swift - who is never overly trendy, but she wears exactly what works for her and I always love the curls in her hair, Sandra Bullock looked ravishing with her cute costar in the Proposal, Ryan Reynolds. I added in a picture of Katie Cassidy, who I'm not too familar with, but I thought she looked great at the awards show and of course I had to sneak in a picture of my favorite Glee members, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith. Lea Michele looked cute but I'll let it slide since she's new on the scene, but she def could amp up her look for an awards show next time!

Who was your favorite to walk the red carpet at the People's Choice Awards?

Getty Images via Socialite's Life

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Elementary my dear..

I've always loved Rachel McAdams. She's simply gorgeous, great actress with a little spunk to her. I recently watched her in Sherlock Holmes. Theres alot of witty humor between Sherlock and Watson played by Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. Their characters interact very well together. Rachel McAdams plays Irene, an American, which is Holmes' love interest throughout the movie, a rebellious independent woman who has outwitted Holmes more than once.
She is just gorgeous in this Vogue spread!

Have you guys seen Sherlock Holmes? What did you think of it?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Style for the New Year

As by Coco Chanel, "Fashion fades, only style remains the same." I think the most important thing about style is confidence. It doesn't really matter what you're wearing as long as you OWN it. Love what you wear, wear it with confidence and rock on! I'm so ready for 2010 and what it has to offer!

Via Satorialist - Accoutant in Sydney