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Thursday, July 14, 2011


So, another segment completed - residency done done and done! It was the best of both worlds - school and work, while living the life in California. I will look back at the year with the utmost fondest memories. Of course, there must be a post grad trip, enjoying your life before the working begins.  I have been dying to go to Asia for the LONGEST time.  My parents told me they would take me after high school, then after college, and then after graduate school.. and it never happened.  I don't blame them, they are busy, hard working people...  but now its time.

I'm traveling to SE Asia with my younger cousin. She's the PERFECT companion, super laid back, go with the flow type of girl... especially since we're suppose to leave for our trip in 1 week with no set plans, still talk of changing dates of our travel and the only thing booked is one ticket to Hong Kong and back.  I'm honestly, usually a detailed planner, but with everything that has been going on in life with ending my residency (presentations, papers), packing up my stuff to move back home, family, my good-byes to all the amazing people I have encountered over this year.. it has been crazy whirlwind.  But all I can do is embrace the spontaneity and the adventure that is to come. Step 1, learn to become a minimalist.... that will lighten the load I have to backpack around Asia.  My travels to come through my blog and tweets! Follow me and my adventures for the next month :)

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