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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Grow beautiful eye lashes?

This isn't really new news but I thought I'd share for those of you who still might be interested!

Latisse is an FDA product that was introduced in the beginning of the year to increase the length, and thickness of your lashes. You must have seen all the television and magazine ads for this product. It was touted all over different programs like The Today's Show and The Doctors. Brooke Sheilds, and eye brow/makeup artist, Anastasia both endorse this product.

Latisse is actually the same product as a glaucoma medication called Lumigan. It is a class of medications called prostaglandins used to decrease pressure in patients with glaucoma. One of the most beneficial side effects noticed by patients were their eyelashes grew! (more beneficial to women than men :)

Allergan decided to market this product as a beauty product to women who wanted the voluminous, long lashes. In their study, eyelashes typically grew 25 percent longer, 106 percent thicker and 18 percent darker.

There are some side effects that aren't as liked as the eye lash growth:

- Iris pigmentation: light color irises may increase in their brown pigmentation due to increased melanocyte production. Generally this will occur within 6 months if it does occur
- Orbital skin darkening - reported to be reversible when discontinuing the product
- Red eyes & itchy eyes (reported by 3.6 percent of patients)

This is an easy product to use. You place 1 drop of the medication (it comes in a small 2.5 mL bottle) on the applicator brush and paint it on your eyelid as if you were putting eyeliner on your upper lids. Do NOT apply it to the bottom lid due to the possible side effect of orbital skin darkening. Watch this video for more information.

It takes about 8 weeks for the product to work and if you stop using the product, your eye lashes will revert back to its natural state. The eye doctor office I worked at in California, sold this product along with Revitalash, another eyelash growth product. I noticed first hand that this product really does work. The women who tried it were very happy with the results. One woman remarked that it made her lashes thick it was almost like fur! (but I think she meant it in a good way as in they were voluminous and thick as opposed to actual fur like. haha) She was one person who tried previous lash products without any success, but she found Latisse to work very well for her.

Latisse is by prescription. You can get it at your eye doctor, dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. It is important to consult with your doctor if your interested in this product. This product has been shown to be safe, but because it is by prescription you will have to see your doctor. It is important to discuss side effects and address any questions you have with them.

So have you or would you use this product?


Couture Carrie said...

I am pretty satisfied with my lashes, so I wouldn't get this scrip, but it's a cool option!
Fabulously informative post, darling!


Amanda K said...

No, the side effects are a little scary!

Anonymous said...

hahaha i should tell kev that you blogged about it. lol he'd be so proud!

issa said...

i've been using Lilash and after 8 weeks i can definitely tell that my lashes are getting longer.. and it doesn't irritate my eyes either.. i'd opt for using either of these though

Kelly said...

i would TOTALLY use this!!! this stuff sounds great! better than fake eye lashes. this is a great post!

Savvy Gal said...

my friend said it really worked for her.

issa said...

RYC: i didn't notice any darkening.. but i'm a little naturally tan anyways..

Join the Gossip said...

These commercials kind of concern me necause of the iris pigmentation warning. I would hate to use the product and end up with altered eye color!

Elaine said...

I have small short Asian eyelashes. I need Latisse. Now.

Anonymous said...

If you're an Opthamology student, you'll be glad to know there's a product out there that was actually developed by an eye doctor. It's called Revitalash. You can buy it on-line or at your local salon/dayspa. It's affordable (about $90.00) and doesn't turn your eyes a different color. I love the results I've gotten in about 10 weeks. I highly recommend it, it works!!!

HeidiJordan said...

Hey!! I use a cosmetic called Revitalash. It is a lash conditioner that helped my lashes grow longer and thicker. It was much less expensive than latisse, is created by an eye doctor and does not have the nasty side effects of the drug. There mascara is pretty amazing too... It is worth checking out.

LisaMoore said...

I'm using revitalash as well, it's really worth the reasonable price. Don't have any regrets from the very first day I used it. It made a big difference to my face. Got compliments all the time. Thanks Revitalash.