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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Closet Exchange

So of course I have a ton of clothes I don't wear anymore. You just get tired of them. Or they become just not appropriate anymore... like those tight clubbing shirts I use to wear 1st yr of college :P So my friend and I decided to check out selling our clothes. We went to Closet Exchange since it was close by my apartment, its like a Plato's closet, pretty much a 2nd hand thrift shop.

We brought a whole bunch of our unwanted clothes and they took the WORST stuff. I mean some of the things I brought in were decent, but they picked out the stuff was super cheesy. I had this yellow, faded Tommy Hilfiger racerback tank top from MIDDLE SCHOOL, which they wanted! Why? I have no idea! My friend brought 7 jeans and other nice things and they didn't want those! It just shows you how fickle second hand shops can be. The idea of selling your clothes seem good, but I mean you really only get about $1 for a shirt if you are able to sell it... so it makes me think, is it even worth it or should I just give it away to charity? Well I guess it is better than nothing! I was thinking trying to sell my decent pickings on Ebay, which may be a better idea, but more of the hassle I suppose.

What do you guys do with your old worn down clothes? Charity? Hands me downs to your siblings? Or do you just allow them to sit in your closet forever?


vein of noir said...

I usually salvage the ones that are still stylish and pass them down to my younger cousins. Everything else goes to donation. Of course there are a few things that I don't wear now, but I'm sure I'll wear them in the future. (or at least that's what i tell myself). haha

Kelly said...

i do a little bit of everything. my old clothes will sit in my closet until i get so annoyed i offer them to my sisters, then whatever they don't want i give to charity!

i've never tried selling them. i think i'd rather just give them away lol. i'd get annoyed with the 2nd hand store!

Ela said...

It's so funny, I hear that 2nd shops do that a lot - buy things that you think they wouldn't and passing on the things you're sure they'll take - so strange. We don't have places like this in Toronto (that I know of) so Charity is much easier, but for the *nicer* ones, I sell online at my store :)

Savvy Gal said...

i donate my clothes every year.

secondskins said...

silly second hand stores :)
go for charity!

- jen