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Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Elegance of Black Swan

These are two of my favorite dresses seen on the red carpet in the last few weeks. There have been so many gorgeous dresses out there, but I love the colors of these and the ladies who pull them off! Black Swan was quite the winner, and especially Natalie Portman.  

If you haven't seen Black Swan yet, I would definitely recommend it, although it is definitely NOT for everyone.  It's definitely one of those in your head kind of thrillers. Natalie Portman was amazing in there, she portrayed the vulnerability of her character so well.  It's great to see Mila Kunis getting back into the industry, haven't really seen her in many things since the 70's show except for Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of her! 

Mila Kunis is absolutely breathtaking in this purple Ellie Saab dress.  Pure perfection!  She looks so elegant and not her usual poutiness.

I absolutely adore this Givenchy dress custom made for Natalie Portman.  She is the absolutely loveliest pregnant woman.  Who gets to wear couture when they are pregnant and look ever so lovely!?  She looks amazing and I love the color of the yellow lace throughout the dress.

Sorry for the hiatus... my life has just been soooo busy.  I always try to make time for my blog.  It's like my little outlet, but I just couldn't do it in the last month.  I had so many things going on from skiing trips to Tahoe, random trip to LA, visitors from the DC, to a huge huge presentation that I just completed last thursday, I am finally at ease for just a little bit, so I'll try to be better at updating!  Hope everyone has been well!