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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Great Holiday Hair

Great hair really has an effect on your outfit. If your hair looks great, it just makes your outfit THAT much better. Sad to say, my hair usually looks pretty terrible. The only times it looks pretty decent, someone else did it for me! I always want a pretty up-do when I dress up.. here are some of my favorite holiday hair looks

I love Rosario Dawson's short pin-up updo.

Reese Witherspoon's elegant curls are gorgeous!

Scar Jo's soft curls with a crystal barrett is the perfect touch!

Lauren always wears a messy piecey up-do so prettily (see prev post).
She adds some braids to this one. Check out the Glamour How-to.

What are your plans for NYE?

Monday, December 29, 2008

F21 Love for The Hill's Lo Bosworth

For the season 4 finale of The Hills, everyone came dressed to impressed. Lauren looked lovely in a colorful sequined 3.1 Phillip Lim, Whitney repping her workplace, in a Diane von Furstenberg design with a flowered headband, and we've seen this look before from Audrina, but its a look she does well with an Alexander McQueen dress.

Lauren "Lo" Bosworth was looking cute in a sequined top and mustard skirt, and you might be wondering who she was wearing and you might be surprised to find out FOREVER 21! Sure she is looking cute, but when everyone else is showing off designer duds even Stephanie Pratt and Holly Montag wearing Alexander Wang and Prada, respectively, and here she is rocking Forever21... which is pretty much known for their cheap knock-offs! Don't get me wrong, I love finding a great cheap dress or skirt at F21, but for a big premiere where my co-stars are wearing the latest runway trends, wouldn't you want to step it up as well? Plus I think its interesting she is wearing the EXACT outfit shown on the website. What do you think? F21 for a budget conscious fashionista or she should have gone high fashion glam?

Is anyone excited for The City? I'm excited to see what Whitney will be wearing to work. I was never a huge Hills fan, but Whitney was my favorite out of the bunch... so drama free (would have been so much worse if the show was about Heidi and Spencer), so I'm happy she has her own show, hopefully it won't get to her head!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Goodbye Philly!

I hate goodbyes, Goodbyes seem so forever. but I know this isn't a final goodbye. Its been a long journey (long when you first start, short when you're at the end), one filled with intensely good memories. I will always remember the good times together, not so much the late night cram sessions and worrying over practicals & exams, but more the friendships developed. Its crazy how close I became with friends from all over, how much we learned from each other, how we were each others own family in the little niche created..but we are all departing our ways now, off to explore the world ourselves. I will miss it all. Surprisingly the city (yes I may have complained a lot but hey we ate at some good places and did some major shopping!), but most of all the people. Thanks to all who made my experience so memorable and good luck to everyone!

Eva Mendes in Bill Blass

Eva Mendes is absolutely GORGEOUS in this Bill Blass dress at the L.A. premiere of her new movie, The Spirit. She is such a ray of sunshine and exquisitely glam in this yellow dress.

Doesn't this make you just want to wear such a bright dress in the middle of winter?

I have a lot of upcoming holiday parties/events to wear dresses to. I'd love to wear something bright if I find something!

The next dress I'm wearing is a black and white polka dot halter dress that comes to my knees with tulle underneath to bring a lil pouf to the dress. I'm so excited. I got it for such a steal last weekend, I couldn't resist getting it.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Picture Day!

Omg, do you remember when it was your school picture day and you would be so happy to take your picture and give the small wallets to all your friends with a kick ass message on the back of it of course! My friends and I were reminiscing about our elementary school days of picture day with the cool laser backgrounds! Well today is Picture Day here at school! Not exactly the same, cap and gown photos, but you still wait in line, while they only spend 10 minutes on your photos. All you can do is say "cheese!" & hope for the best :P

I wish I could find some of my old ridiculous school pictures, that would make for good laughs. Oh my actual favorites were the class pictures. I was always in the front row... shorty! Anyway, I'll let you know how my grad photos come out.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Make Up Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation

Today's new purchase instead of studying, I went out to get a new foundation. I haven't stuck with one foundation ever yet.. still on the search for the perfect one and I think I MIGHT have found my match! I've heard a lot about Make Up For Ever lately and I was pretty curious in trying it out. I'm all out of my Prescriptives Virtual Skin Foundation so I decided it was time to move on, plus I felt that it was too heavy. I really wanted something light weight but that also lasts most of the day... so I tried on Make Up Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation. I love its feather-weight silky texture. It didn't feel heavy at all on my skin, plus they have 25 different shades so its easy to find your perfect match.

The lady at Sephora was pretty helpful in helping me pick out a shade and teaching me how to apply it with a foundation brush for an overall even texture. A brush also saves more of the foundation than using a sponge which soaks up all the product. Also, put the product on the back of your hand and then use the brush to pick up the color. The one she used was pretty pricey at $30 but the bristles did feel really nice and soft, I found this other one for a lot cheaper if I do decide to invest in one. She was a good seller. She also talked to me about this Make Up Forever product, Skin Transforming Powder, which seemed pretty tempting.. luckily I am very poor so I can only afford one $40 dollar foundation with a $15 dollar coupon for Beauty Insiders (you guys should totally sign up if you aren't one yet!). But so far, I am happy with my purchase. It beats out the Lorac, Clinique, Shiseido, Stila, and Benefit foundations I've tried before. I pretty much try a new brand every time my foundation runs out.. so hopefully this one is the winner. If not, I'm also interested in trying out the Laura Mercier.

Its ridiculous how many things I WANT from Sephora. I don't even need this many beauty products but I really can't help myself. AH, I love that store.. anyway, here are a few more things that I wouldn't mind acquiring besides the foundation brush:

Benefit Lipscription
I've talked about this product before but I don't own it yet!