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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Goodbye Philly!

I hate goodbyes, Goodbyes seem so forever. but I know this isn't a final goodbye. Its been a long journey (long when you first start, short when you're at the end), one filled with intensely good memories. I will always remember the good times together, not so much the late night cram sessions and worrying over practicals & exams, but more the friendships developed. Its crazy how close I became with friends from all over, how much we learned from each other, how we were each others own family in the little niche created..but we are all departing our ways now, off to explore the world ourselves. I will miss it all. Surprisingly the city (yes I may have complained a lot but hey we ate at some good places and did some major shopping!), but most of all the people. Thanks to all who made my experience so memorable and good luck to everyone!

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