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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards: Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is a ray of sunshine in this yellow Christina Cota chiffon dress with a gold beaded belt. She paired it with Sergio Rossi Girandola Bis Gladiator sandals, Lauren Merkin oval gold lambskin clutch and Ippolita jewels. She looks great! Love the color, its fun and young look thats perfect for her! Her hairdo is also very IN for this season. Check our some glamour tips on how to get her hairstyle, simple braid to fishtailing braid.

She won Favorite TV actress for her role in Wizards of Waverly Place at the Nickeloden's 2010 Kid's Choice Awards in L.A. I don't usually follow the Disney stars, besides hearing the gossip from Miley Cyrus, but Selena Gomez seems like a stylish down to earth teen.

What do you think? Are you loving Selena's look? Would you wear this?

Source: JustJared & Red Carpet Fashion Awards

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Past Due NYC

I went up for an interview in NYC about a month ago now but I have been so extremely busy these last few weeks to put up pictures and post about my time.  It was quite cold and snowy while I was up there but theres just something you've gotta love about being in the big apple no matter if theres a blizzard going on!

I stayed at the Double Tree Hotel Suites right in the middle of Times Square, I totally love it!  The suite was super nice, flat screen t.v.s in the living room area and the bedroom, there was a little mini bar area, the bathroom was very nicely sized.  It was so comfy and the perfect location!  It was nice going around and then being able to come back to such a cozy place especially since the weather wasn't the best, it was great to have a place to call 'home' temporarily! I also got a greal deal by booking through Priceline.. you never are sure what you are gonna get but so far it has been really good to me!

Tell me what you love to do in the NYC and what places you love to eat at! 

Here area few of my favorite things:
I wish I would be invited to a NYC fashion week show!

Cannot wait for Sex in the City 2!
Can't go to NYC without any sushi!
These cookies at Crumbs were so delicious!  The cupcakes were enormous!

I LOVE Pret A Manger.. their sandwiches are so delicious.. they tout good natural food!

We watched Mary Poppins, which was SUEPR CUTE! The weather was super crazy but hey, the show must go on! :) I really enjoyed this broadway and I would definitely recommend it!

Monday, March 22, 2010


I am totally loving the weather!  It has been so incredibly nice lately!  This makes me want to wear skirts and flowly tops and definitely bring on some fab sunglasses!

I commute to D.C. everyday and today I didn't realize it I took the wrong bus home which landed me at the mall (my subconscious telling me to SHOP!)  I called my brother immediately to pick me up but what I should have done is tell him to come get me an hour late! I did go to Forever21 and pick up a couple of cute items! There were just so many great things for Spring and Summer, it made me happy! haha.

I got the blue polka dot skirt, so super cute, a blue striped tank and the blue ponte cap-sleeved dress for work. Can't wait to wear my new items!  Tomorrow happy hour in the city with a few friends and watching Dancing with the Stars tonight!  Hope you guys enjoy your week!

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Life as Liz

I don't regularly watch MTV but recently I watched a few episodes of the MTV "reality TV show" My Life as Liz.  I don't know if any of you have ever seen it, but its about an 18 year old named Liz Lee, who was once an in-crowd blonde follower, but now more-so a misfit hipster in the small town of Burleson, Texas, in the suburbs of Forth Worth, Texas. (I'm actually going to Forth Worth today!)  I really like her wry humor and the ironic sense of her life.. she's a nerd but a pretty cool one with her journalism video club, not to mention she has her own t.v. show! But besides the point, we all have had those awkward teen moments & growing up with the popular girls who once use to be your bestfriends, but now pretty much hate you and would like to make you miserable aka her arch nemesis, Cori, can't be all that easy for Liz.  Liz dresses in thrift store finds and edgy little pieces but what I notice most about her, is her love for lipstick color!  She wears these great red lipstick colors, which show off her pout so perfectly!  Makes me want to go out, trade my lipgloss for a perfect little red pout! Have you ever seen the show? Can you relate to her?

I will post some pictures from Texas when I get back! I'm going for an optometry conference down there and it'll be my first time to Texas ever! I'm so excited :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

CL Wear Beware!

I'm hugely a contact lens wearer, I've considered the possibility of LASIK, which I may discuss in another post, but for now contact lenses it is!  Here are some tips about contact lens wear and care! But of course any questions you have about your own eyes, you should discuss it with your eye care practitioner! I feel like I had to put that in :) haha.

If you're gonna be out on the town drinking, no matter how tired or drunk you are, don't forget to take off your contact lenses before you go to bed!! Alcohol dehydrates your eyes which makes your contact lenses adhere tighter to your cornea, which will increase the risk for a corneal abrasion (scratching the eye when you take them off), which can definitely irritate your eyes and make it feel like you have something under the eyelid. In general, wearing contact lenses overnight, increases your chance of an infection.  Don't forget to use some rewetting drops if your contacts/eyes feel a little dry, a good one is Optive or Blink tears, but there are tons at the drugstore you can pick up over the counter.

When you are storing your contact lenses, make sure you a multi-purpose solution such as Opti-Free or Renu (click for a 2 dollar coupon!).  Even though some of those solutions may taut a "NO RUB" solution, don't listen to those because it takes you squirting your contact lenses for like 15 minutes to actually get off all the debris/bacteria or you could gently rub your lenses to make them as clean as possible!  Always use new solution every night and store them in a contact lens case.

If you really hate rubbing those lenses, try a daily disposable contact lens that you can just throw out everyday after you're done wearing them or use Clear Care solution. This is a hydrogen peroxide solution that cleans your lenses without rubbing them!  You CANNOT put this solution in your eye or it will BURN!  My brother and my cousin has the unfortunate accident of using my Clear Care solution to rinse out their lenses for a second and ultimately felt the burn of this!  Your contacts need to be soaked for a minimal of 6 hours so the hydrogen peroxide solution can neutralize. This solution is probably only good for those who are willing to take out their contacts earlier or sleep at least 6 hours, which most of you should anyway!

Hope these tips help to keep your eyes healthy! :)

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pretty for Spring

Countdown for Spring, supposed March 20th which gives us 14 more days till!  I can't wait for Spring to come along! The snow is nicely melting.. I'm back from SF now, but no pictures of food and travel yet.  I'm really lazy when it comes to uploading so I will soon enough!  I'm so ready to prounce around in spring pastels, pretty little dresses and shorts and not always feel like I'm freezing to death.  Heres my browse of cute things for Spring. Enjoy!  What are your essentials for Spring?

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