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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hats Galore!

Perfect way to stay out of the sun's intense rays in addition to your sun screen and sunglasses, add a hat! You can totally look chic with a large brimmed straw hat. UV rays can cause hair to become brittle and faded and for colored hair, making the color dull and lacking shine. So its the perfect way to shade yourself from sun's rays and still look stylish.


I absolutely love Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester aka Blair Waldorf in this nautical sailor inspired outfit. Blair is oozing with style as usual.

Diane Kruger is on board for a Chanel Cruise in May, how lucky! wearing this very cute dress topping it off with a small rimmed hat. Love it!

Here are some options that will keep you protected and stylish:

Try this simple option from Urban Outfitters or this one

If you prefer a darker color, try this one from

Or if you want to try a little bit of both, mix it up with this one also from
Or you can rock the fedora! Opt for this one from Delias or Urban Outfitters in color: Natural

Few more pictures of celebs on the beach to give you some inspiration for your beach wear :)
Penelope Cruz
Lindsey Lohan

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hayden Panettiere's New Hair Cut!

Update: Hayden finally shows off her new hair-do! Hayden was seen at the Flex Rally 2008 charity event in L.A. on Saturday June 21st.

I absolutely love the show Heroes! I think Hayden Panettiere is so adorable as everyone's favorite cheerleader. I hope this girl stays sweet and innocent! Recently I read online that she got a new short hair-do around June 9th and 10th but I recently saw pictures of her at the United States Launch Party for Kira Plastinina on Saturday, June 14 with long locks. So I'm guessing shes wearing extensions or did I totally miss something!? I guess Hayden isn't feeling the short Vicki-B-do! What do you think? Love it or Hate it!?
I couldn't find any pictures with her new haircut without her messing with her hair or sunglasses pulling her hair back. I guess she really doesn't like it! But a new haircut usually takes some time to grow on you especially such a drastic cut. She should give it more of a chance, could look really cute on her! :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Who Wore it Best?

I was browsing through pictures when I came across a picture of Sienna Miller, realizing that I've seen her "vest" which I will call a belt vest, somewhere before!

Two celebs wearing one very distinct piece of garment

Sienna Miller on Nov 13 2006 was out and about in NYC when she was spotted wearing this belt vest. She paired it with an all black ensemble topping it off with a wide brimmed black hat.

Rihanna wore this on June 16 2008, a year and half later, at the 19th Annual MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, where she performed and got the award for Best International Video Artist. This is her in an all black ensemble as well before her performance wearing the belt vest in white.

Sienna Miller and Rihanna are known to be fashionistas setting the trends first, but what do you think about this style? Do you like it or too fashion forward?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Beach Protection!

As you know, it is SO important to wear sun screen EVERY DAY! but especially if you are out on the beach! I know there are gonna be a lot of beach entries to come, even with having to take summer classes, the beach is on my mind :) If you know me, I'm crazy about my skin protection using the highest SPF possible!

The UVA and UVB rays from the sun are not your friends! UVA is mainly the cause for wrinkles and photoaging of your skin. UVA rays penetrate deeper into your skin and are now thought to be the main cause of skin cancers such as basal cell carcinoma. UVB is the main cause for sun burns! but they are both bad and both contribute to wrinkles and skin cancer so you definitely want to protect yourself!!

You should always use SPF 30 or HIGHER, I prefer higher of course but it actually doesn't protect THAT much more. SPF 15 blocks 94% of UVB rays, SPF 30 blocks 97% of UVB rays, and SPF higher than 50 only protects 1-2% more than SPF 30.

Find a sunscreen that is a "UVA/UVB" protection or has "broad spectrum" protection and water resistant/waterproof that is SPF 30 or higher. You need to wear 1 oz, about a shot glass full of sunscreen is recommended. So don't be shy and slather up especially if you are gonna be out in the sun all day! Slather up 30 minutes before you go out in the sun and also don't forget to reapply! Its recommended every 2 hours but the sooner the better :)

Here are some of my recommendations for sunscreens

I really love Shiseido products, so its no surprise on the top of my list is Ultimate Sun Protection Cream SPF 55 PA+++ comes in 2.2 oz or 3.3. oz. It is formulated with the retexturizing ingredient Xylitol to counteract roughness and keep skin looking soft and healthy and contains an antioxidant Thiotaurin.

DDF Enhancing Sun Protection SPF 30 This product is a little pricey, but its great because in addition to protecting your skin from the sun it contains self-adjusting color spheres to enhance natural skin tone and to even out your complexion. It contains antioxidants as well, which are always good for your skin!

Clinique has two really great face SPF which also come in a body creme SPF as well, but I'd rather spend the money for my face! They also contain antioxidants as well. The Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 40 is a light weight sheer face creme that would be perfect for everyday and under your makeup, while the Clinique UV Response Face SPF 50 is great for the beach. It increases its protection with increasing intensity of the sun! How smart is that.

Two great ones by Neutrogena are the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock, SPF 85 and Neutrogena Fresh Cooling Mist, SPF 70. These both come in a lower SPF of 45 but I figure I could always use another 1-2% of UVA/UVB blockage! The Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock is great for those days at the beach and the Neutrogena Fresh Cooling Mist is a great alternative to the suntan lotions but still with the protection you need! These sunblocks are a great bang for your buck!

** And always don't forget your sunglasses! Protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays also!

Source:, SkinCancer.Org,

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Beach Swim Suits!

I posted a few online codes for Victoria Secrets, I have one more that I received in the mail with my purchase .. $10 off any thing any time in July! Code: SP812517

Here are some of my fave things:

Click the picture to take you the link

A flirty floral top with a solid color bottom def draws attention upward

Simple but glamorous, the green color is to die for!

This one is soooo CUTE! I love the polka dots and yellow is so happy!

This is the one I got, do you like!?

And with all your new bathing suits, you will need a cute cover up :)
This one will only be 8.99 with the $10 off code!

There are usually free shipping codes you can find or I will post when I do! Its tough to buy bathing suits online since you can't try it on and you def need a great fit to feel comfy at the beach, but VS has so many different designs and deals, I couldn't resist! They offer something different with some of their swim lines that have similar fits to their bras.

Enjoy shopping for a new bathing suit for this season!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Love for Blow Dryed Hair

I just have to always wash my hair every morning. I know its better for you to not wash everyday so shampoos don't strip your natural oils that help keep hair healthy and shiny, as I write this, I'm really considering NOT washing my hair everyday... Anyhow, with that said, I'm a huge blow dryer because I hate having my hair wet when I leave the house. With 8 AM classes, there is no way I can get up 2 hours before to allow my hair to air dry!! I am torturing my tresses :(

My mom is a hair dresser and she uses the SuperSolano Hair Dryer. I never really knew it was a professional hair dryer, I just took it from home before I left for school. I used it everyday to dry my tresses before school for my 4 years in College.. but then comes the day when the coils start burning up and my favorite hair dryer dies. So, me being a cheap student looks for SuperSolano Professional Hair Dryer online, realizing this thing is kinda pricey! I searched some reviews online, and found:

Conair Infiniti Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer
The reviews seemed pretty good. Its suppose to dry your hair quickly while minimizng heat damage leaving hair not frizzy and more manageable. Well, I'm pretty disappointed!

First of all at a "1875 Watts with high torque motor", its nothing compared to the SuperSolano which has the same wattage! The strength of the SuperSolano is def much better for a better blow dry. So I tried to save some cash by getting this one, which I purchased for around 30-40 bucks on Amazon, but such a regretful purchase. Not to mention how it does not compare, once in a while the coils start burning out already after less than a year with an added buzzing noise.

I'm still always up for new products, but this time I think I'll stick to the professional products! I really need a hair dryer that will decrease my drying time and minimizing heat damage is always a PLUS!!

I still can't decide if I should stick by to my tried and true SuperSolano or move onto newer products. I read in Allure Magazine about the Elchim Uragano Iconic Hair Dryer which is suppose dry your hair faster and minimize damage, tempting.. or should I go for an updated
SuperSolano Micro3600 Hair Dryer or just back to my old favorite!?! So many decisions, but first I have to save up for a new one! (or wait till this current one really dies!)

Try googling for some cheaper prices or head to a professional hair supply store like a Sally's Beauty Supply Store

Some other hair dryers with good reviews:
Sedu Ultrapower Professional Hair Dryer
Sedu Ultrasilent Dryer
BabylissPro Ceramic Hair Dryer

Monday, June 9, 2008

Sex and the City the movie the BOOK!

Yes Yes, I know, I can't stop this obsession, but I just found out that a book came out based on the movie. Tons of glorious pictures of all the outfits Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda wore including their shoes, bags and accessories. There are also quotes from Sarah Jessica Parker, Patricia Fields and Michael Patrick King. The book comprises of pictures of scenes from Seasons 1-6 and the Movie. I know, what a beautiful book! haha. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. Buy it on Amazon to indulge your SATC love.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

New glasses, YAY!

I helped choose a new pair of glasses for my bf..these half-rimless Versaces. They are perfect for people who don't really want their glasses to be too noticeable since its a half-rimless style, but also a little more durable than a totally rim-less pair. An all rim-less pair would definitely be good for people who really don't like wearing glasses and want their glasses to be as least noticeable as possible!

So what kind of options should you get on your glasses?

Due to the half-rimless style, definitely need to get at least a polycarbonate lens material. It its protective for this type glasses style. Therefore, if your glasses drop and the lenses break, it won't shatter into many small pieces. It also makes the lenses thinner and lighter, but if you have a high prescription (> -/+4.00), you might want to consider a thinner hi-index lens.

Anti-reflective coating is also another important option. It helps reduce reflections and glare from your computer monitor, driving at night and reduces the glare in your lenses so people can see your eyes clearly. ARC can help reduce eye strain and fatigue from those troublesome glare areas. The only downfall to the ARC lenses are that you may have to clean them a little more than average depending on the brand, but the benefits of scratch resistance, decreased glare can definitely outweigh any disadvantages.

ARC lenses would be great for anyone who works on the computer for long periods of time, who has difficult with halos while driving at night, and for anyone who has a lot of personal interaction.

One of the best makers of ARC out there is Crizal, as you can see the difference b/w no ARC and ARC lenses:

Always consider all the options when getting a new pair of glasses, you might get something that will really make a difference!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

HOT TREND: Studded Belts

I know I'm writing about SATC again!! But I absolutely LOVED the movie and all the trendy outfits the girls wore!

I especially..LOVE LOVE LOVE this belt!!! Carrie wore this belt with so many different outfits in the movie. Even Miranda borrowed it from her once! This belt is so versatile... giving any outfit a stylish EDGE. Carrie wore her belt with florals, pink and even over her coats. In an interview, Patricia Field mentioned that the belt was actually vintage, so won't be anywhere to be found!

I found some similar options online, perfect accessory to spice up any outfit! These are my favorite finds. I found some cheaper ones online as well but the material/quality didn't look as good..enjoy!

This Linea Pelle belt is a great option. Its subtle with one row instead of three like Carrie's. Its still a bit more expensive than what I would normally spend for an accessory, but its made out of fine Italian leather so if you can spare a little extra, $56.25 to be exact, this belt in black is definitely worth it.

As with Carrie, you can wear it with everything so definitely get ur moneys worth!

Another cheaper option is ASOS Pyramid Stud Belt for $32.45.

I could go on about how much I loved everything, especially the shoes!!! I'll leave you with some cheap options for Carrie's gladiator heels - Bakers, Steve Madden, Nine West & Original DIOR

Did you guys love the movie as much as I did!? Hope so! :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Fashion scarf or Keffiyeh?

As I was browsing around the feature stories on Yahoo, I noticed a story featuring Rachel Ray. She's the bubbly Food Network star that everyone knows... so of course I'm thinking what kinda controversy could be brewing with her??

Dunkin Dounuts have pulled her ad due to protests because she is wearing a black and white paisley scarf with a resemblance to a keffiyeh.

For you who do not know, a keffiyeh is a traditional headdress of Arab men. It is commonly found in arid climates to protect against wind and sun. Ultra-conservative blogger Michelle Malkin describes the keffiyeh as the "traditional scarf of Arab men that has come to symbolize murderous Palestinian jihad." Malkin and other conservatives have complained that the keffiyeh symbolizes Muslim extremism and terrorism.

Dunkin Donuts released this statement:
"Thank you for expressing your concern about the Dunkin' Donuts advertisement with Rachael Ray. In the ad that you reference, Rachael is wearing a black-and-white silk scarf with a paisley design that was purchased at a U.S. retail store. It was selected by the stylist for the advertising shoot. Absolutely no symbolism was intended. However, given the possibility of misperception, we will no longer use the commercial."

Rachel Ray obviously wore this scarf without any intention of supporting terrorism or even trying to be the least bit controversial. The blog world sure is powerful, especially the opinion of Michelle Malkin. I understand that some people may consider this scarf a symbol of terrorism due to the people who have worn it, but did anyone consider the fact that NOT everyone who wears a keffiyeh in the middle east is a terrorist!?!

Amahl Bishara, an anthropology lecturer at the University of Chicago who specializes in media matters relating to the Middle East says:

"I think that a right-wing blogger making an association between a kaffiyeh and terrorism is just an example of how so much of the complexity of Arab culture has been reduced to a very narrow vision of the Arab world on the part of some people in the U.S. Kaffiyehs are worn every day on the street by Palestinians and other people in the Middle East _ by people going to work, going to school, taking care of their families, and just trying to keep warm."

Rachel Ray among many others are merely making a fashion statement. Lightweight scarves with various designs are in style. She was NOT promoting terrorism in any way. I think that some bloggers and conservatives have gone a little far, but it does show how much the opinions of others can have an affect on a company.

What do you think about this issue, the scarf is a fashion statement or a parade of terrorism?


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sex and the City

The buzz has been all over for Sex and the City the movie, but did it deliver?

Grossing over 27 million dollars on the first day and over 55 million this weekend, it beat out Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Its the no. 5 opening for an R rated film and the best movie opener for a romantic comedy and T.V.-adaptation.

Our favorite stylish ladies sure now how to bring it!!

With this SATC craze, everyone is bringing out their Jimmy Choos and cosmos for a movie pre-party. "Prior to Friday, Fandango reported that a survey of "Sex and the City" ticket buyers showed that 80% of all purchasers planned to attend a party devoted to the movie, and two-thirds planned to have Cosmopolitans, the signature drink of the television series'characters."

Okay so I have a secret: I haven't seen the movie yet!! I watched Indiana Jones with my dad and my brother this weekend... there was NO way to convince them to watch SATC. But for the sake of family bonding, I had to forgo SATC for Indy 4. But don't worry, to make it up, I'll have some crazy SATC party with my girls! SATC is the perfect reason for a girls night out!

Question: Did you have a SATC pre-movie party? Which character did you dress like? :)