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Monday, May 4, 2009

Zushi Puzzle Yum!

Since boards are now over, I'm back to "normal" life... which for me right now is just working and going home and thinking of new things to do! Which actually turn out to be just catching up on my t.v. shows and trying to find ways to stay active (but not really b/c I only went to the gym for a week!) But I'm trying to keep it interesting. My cousin is gonna teach me how to sew. Our first project is a skirt, so I'll keep you updated on that one.

Recently, I went to Zushi Puzzle in S.F. It was so delicious! We had a wide array of rolls and some sashimi. I am not a huge fan of sashimi but I'm learning to enjoy it more. The raw scallop was espeically good! I was so surprised that I liked it. I was never huge on eating raw fish but I'm def more open to try now that I have been exposed. Even better, was a maki roll we had, whcih was described as the "best make roll EVER" by the waitress made with some special seaweed paper from Japan..which I will agree it was the BEST i've ever tried (but also my first maki roll, usually only eat rolls!) I would DEF recommend this restaurant, def go out and try it but make reservations first b/c the wait can be long!

credit: yelp

Friday, May 1, 2009

New Swimsuit!

So on one of my mornings off, I went shopping, which is bad b/c I was only there to return a few items but I came back with more! I was browsing through the racks at Marshalls and I saw this cute bandeau type bathing suit....for only $10!! I liked the fact it was more colorful than most of my suits and for price, you can't beat that! The suit was out of the Jessica Simpson line. I never really noticed much of her stuff before. This one was showcased in her 2008 runway show. Now I need to get to the beach to wear it!

I also got these pair of nine west sandals... but deciding on whether or not I REALLY need them... :P

Any new buys for you guys lately?