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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ho ho ho!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!!  Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday season! I had a ridiculous amt of lovely gifts to open this morning and more to come this evening.  Flying back home to D.C. to see more family/friends as we speak (gotta love free in-flight wifi :).  Life is good! Can't believe the year is coming to an end already. Time just keeps flying by!

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Saturday, December 11, 2010


My work week has been getting increasingly busy, people have been out sick, I've had overbooks, it's just been ridiculous.  At the end of the week, I'm so happy its the weekend, and I have some time to myself. But at the same time, there's always more to do... but I guess the saying goes, work hard, play hard.

Enjoy the weekend! Any fun plans?

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Product Review: Nars Super Orgasm

There are an abundance of great reviews on NARS blush, so of course, me being a total blush lover (its my one product that I couldn't live without! It brightens up your whole face, I wouldn't recommend NOT using it!), I had to of course try it! Since I like a little of sparkle in my blushes, I chose the NARS Super Orgasm color.

I am not a fan of this color.  The sparkles are not fine shimmers....I've had more than once incident, where someone asked me if I had glitter on my face! I love sparkles, but def needs to be more subtle for everyday wear!

The blush itself is not bad.  It lasted a good amt of time, but I wasn't necessarily wowed by it.. but that could also be due to the fact that I didn't love the color I had.  I think the original Orgasm is a much better color.

Since I wasn't such a fan of this blush, I might consider another color or start fresh with another brand.  The last one I had was Clinique, which I wasn't a huge fan of, def liked Nars better because it lasted longer and it was more pigmented.  I'm also not a fan of drugstore brands like Covergirl because I find they don't last all day!  So now onto the next one, I'll let you guys know what I choose and what I think of it!

Do you guys have a favorite blush? Any good recommendations?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bridesmaid Virgin

My cousin recently got married!  We grew up together, I looked up to this girl so much when I was younger.. she was always my cool cousin, with great clothes and hair! haha :) I was so honored when she asked me to be her bridesmaid... well actually she didn't ask me, she pretty much told me I was and there wasn't a question in it!

She was the most LAID BACK bride I could ever imagine!  She pretty much had the wedding for her parents.  She did it traditional style with a tea ceremony and a 10 course Chinese dinner.  Def was not a bridezilla at all.. she did her flowers herself with the help of her sister and some of the bridesmaids who were already in town, she gave me a french manicure the night before her wedding, she actually borrowed her wedding dress from her sister's friend! She was just a super chill bride and it def made the experience of being a bridesmaid very relaxing! I cannot wait to see the photos!

Congratulations to my dear cousin Mandy and Chris!  This was our first wedding of the family on my dad's side, everything was amazing.

Photo courtesy of Stefani Chung

2/6 of the bridesmaids: My younger cousin and I 

I've attended/been invited to so many weddings in such a short time! I guess it's getting to be that time =O
Have you ever been a Bridesmaid before?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On Top of the World

A few weeks ago I went to Yosemite National Park with several friends and co workers. It was such an amazing experience. I was about to not go and then last minute, I decided to go. So I honestly packed my bags the night before, found a sleeping bag and in the morning at 7AM my friend picked me up! She got two tickets to climb Half Dome, which influenced my decision a little bit.

From the start of the trail, Half Dome is a 8.2 mile hike one way (6 hours), 8,800 feet above sea level, 4,800 feet elevation. People have died off of this dome, which made me a little nervous. There are cables for you to climb up to the top, you are unable to get up there without any rock climbing equipment if it wasn't for the cables. Usually people start really early at 6 AM, since they have to prepare for about a 12 hour hike and you want to come back before dark!

We of course started at around 8:40 AM, we bring headlights, food in our backpack and I bought about 5 bottles of water. My pack was super heavy since I didn't bring one of those hiking packs, which I totally regretted not getting one beforehand! But I was totally unprepared, I wore tennis shoes instead of hiking shoes... basically, I didn't know what I was getting myself into!

I was SUPER nervous when I got to the subdome onlooking to the actual half dome, terrified actually. I honestly didn't think I could make it looking at the cables... it seemed so steep and I just couldn't fathom going up them. Luckily, all the hikers are super nice, they helped pep me up and since I already made the 6 hour journey one way, I really couldn't leave without accomplishing what I came to do.  I took my time, step by step, but I made it and it was such a great accomplishment! I was so proud that I actually did it, especially since I was having major doubts beforehand.

The hardest part was the trek home in the DARK!  It was so scary, but I don't think I realized how scary it was because I could only see a few steps in front of me. We walked by the rocky paths by the waterfalls.  It just felt like forever getting back, my legs felt like jelly, but we had to keep on going! We were SO happy when we made it back, got a hot shower and ate some soup by the campfire that our friends had ready for us (since they ditched us and decided to hang by the camp)

It was a great experience, I would def recommend it to anyone, but its not something I think I would ever do again... once is enough! My friend and I made some random videos, which were fun to look back and laugh at! We also met some German tourists on our trip and they helped us through the hike there and back.  We were really lucky to find such nice hikers, it definitely made our trip a lot more fun!   

My advice for conquering the terror of Half Dome:
1. Get a good night's rest and get up EARLY!!
2. Bring enough water (depending on the season, peak summer you will need more water as opposed to later on in the fall) and snacks/sandwiches
3. Get a hydration backpack such as a CamelBak
4. Less is more!! Which is a recurring true statement, bring only what you need and nothing more, the less you can bring, the happier you will be!
5. Recommend hiking shoes, although I did it in tennis shoes, the more traction you have, the better!
6. Pack a headlight just in case it does get dark
7. AT&T service works on the top of half dome, feel free to call your friends and family to let them know you are on the top of the world!! :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Derm Lessons

About a month into moving to San Fran, I started having some skin issues.  My lips were cracking at the corners, and then later I developed some dry skin on my chin.  It was really awful! I tried using aquaphor and vaseline, but the dryness on my chin never went away.  My skin would become inflamed with too much sun or with certain products.  I've never had a problem like this before, so I finally went to see the dermatologist.

He pretty much diagnosed me with eczema.  I've never had eczema before, but he mentioned that it could be due to the products I'm using. He told me since most of my dry skin was on my chin, I should swtich my toothpaste also.

I'm a product junkie so I'm always trying new products once mine run out. I have a ton of different things that are in constant rotation so its pretty hard for me to tell if a certain product is causing the problem or not.

He prescribed me an ointment to use when the eczema flares up and an antibiotic for pimples and blemishes instead of using salicylic acid products you find over the counter.  I did get some good advice from the derm.  I actually think my toothpaste was causing the problem - it had some baking soda, which might have been irritating my skin. I d/c the toothpaste and pretty much since then, I haven't really had many flareups. He recommended me to switch my products to Cetaphil for cleanser and moisturizer with SPF. I actually really like the SPF moisturizer, I'm always looking for an SPF at least 30+,  and this one is very light and non greasy.

Lessons from the Derm:
1.  Condense your products, less is more!
2.  Use non-comedogenic hypoallergenic and fragrance-free products
3.  Salicylic acid can irritate skin so avoid products with this!
4.  Be aware of what products you are using for your skin
* If you do have a problem with your skin, document when it 
happens and what products you are using to narrow it down

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Crazy

Nearing the end of October, which means its almost time for Halloween - scary (or sexy) costumes, haunted houses and corn mazes and most of all, pumpkin patches!! I loveeeee pumpkin patches, I don't think I've gone to a real one since I was a little kid!  My friends and I decided to hit one up last weekend and carve a pumpkin together, be festive :)

We went to Half Moon Bay, and it turned out to be their annual Pumpkin Festival... if you are from the area, you know that theres really only two ways into Half Moon Bay, which means TONS AND TONS OF TRAFFIC!  It honestly took us over 2+ hours to get there, it was so ridiculous. I don't think we will ever go back during this time again, unless we leave at 8AM!

I love frolicking through the pumpkin patches and seeing all the families and kiddies who are looking for their own pumpkins. Especially cute when the little ones choose the HUGEST pumpkin possible :)

At the festival, we had the most delicious pumpkin pie! I love home made pies... there is a world of difference between home made pumpkin pie and the store bought kind definitely!

We also watched the Giants game while there. They had a big screen playing the game outside. GO GIANTS!! (Off to the world series baby!) I honestly am not that into baseball, but I so have Giants fever from being in the city and around so many people who love it! We actually ended up watching the whole game at this English-style pub because the traffic was so bad! Luckily we won and then once the traffic died down, we had a MUCH quicker drive home

**Outfit: top: f21, necklace: banana republic, purse: vintage coach, flats: issac mizrahi for target**

Before then, we had a great lunch at the Ritz Carlton while at Half Moon Bay. They had this awesome coal pit, it was cold so it was just perfect for us to lounge outside and see our amazing view..

Isn't the view amazing!? just GORGEOUS..wish I could look outside my window and see this everyday! 
Our group pumpkin that we carved! 

So what are your halloween plans!? Any costumes picked out yet?  

Saturday, October 9, 2010

City of Sin

I feel like I just posted that I went to Vegas and then I go again!  I guess its so much easier when you're on the west coast!  We had to show my cousin a proper Vegas trip for her very first time!  It's always a lot of fun when you do a girls trip :)  My friend was arguing with us about how Vegas is cheap for girls, but we did argue back, we do have to pay for hotel, flights, food, and new clothes of course!!  But it is true, its definitely more pricey for guys to go to Vegas!  You only need a few short nights in Vegas and then some recovery time! 

Love the water show at Bellagio, so Oceans 11
We like to jump in our hotel hallway at 4AM in the morning, we did get pretty good air I will say!

Sipping drinks and lounging around 
Can't leave Vegas without a little gambling!
Photo Op time! 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beauty while you Sleep

I was reading Glamour magazine a couple of months ago and reading this article about beauty treatments and staying young and how early is too early is botox. I honestly wouldn't even at all consider it until a lot later in life (look at Heidi!), but it was interesting because theres kind of 2 thoughts so that matter. One is that if you if you get botox earlier, it will help prevent wrinkles and you'll need less botox later and the other is that botox actually causes atrophy to your muscle after repeated use.

Its up to you whether or not you really feel you need botox!  I think that I'm gonna try to stay away from it for as long as I can so onto creams and other things for me. Honestly I don't have really have any major wrinkles yet but I'm all about preventative measures!

 This product, Frownies, is a great early product for those super fine lines in your mid/late 20s that doesn't really need any heavy hitting botox yet.  The great thing about this line is that their products are 100% natural - containing aloe, oats, cactus collagen, bear berries, lavender and rose essential oils, combined with antioxidant vitamins, and plant-based ingredients.  Wrinkles partially caused by the overaction of your muscles (thats why botox works, it relaxes the muscles!), this product works in a similar way through repetition of using the product to relax the muscles.

I haven't had a chance to really try it out yet, but when I do, I'll give you guys my full review! What do you guys think about something like this, would you try it, go the creams route or go full-on botox when needed?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Glamour and Drama

Marchesa Spring 2011, to die for..
Jenny Packham Spring 2011..
I love the shine of this dress, how could you not keep your eyes off it
If you couldn't tell....
I love gorgeous gowns, the more glamour the better

Monique Lhuillier Spring 2011
this one looks so sweet, perfect for Spring

Just some eye candy.. what were your favorite collections from New York Fashion Week Spring 2011?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Time to Kick off the Heels!

I'm starting to train for a duathlon that I'm doing with my co-workers at the hospital.  Its a duathlon because theres no swimming otherwise it would be a triathlon.  We run 2 smiles, bike 13 miles and then run 5 miles at the end.  I've never done a run/bike race before! I've only done the Susan G. Komen Race for Cure 5K run/walk before.  So I was a little hesitant to commit to this race, but since everyone was doing it and I figured I needed some exercise anyway, this would give me motivation! I've only ridden a bike for leisurely purposes like around the beach, so this will be interesting to see how I do!   

I love being out here.. I don't know if its just because I am somewhere new so I'm more open to try and do different things, but back home I definitely don't think I was as active.  It also helps that the weather is perfect out here!  Theres not that high humidity that you experience on the east coast in the summer time... but at the same time, when I go into the city, its pretty cool so I can't wrap my head around the fact that its cold and summer but I still wear my skirts and summery clothes anyhow! 

Hope you guys are having a fabulous week!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Forever Shopping

Forever21 has free shipping over $40 which is much better than their usual $75!


I can definitely find something worth $40 to spend and not feel guilty about it at Forever21.  The good thing about their return policy is that merchandise can be exchanged at their stores so no return shipping fees, but you only get store credit back so thats why I'm always reluctant to buy TOO much online since you don't know how it fits and I'm pretty picky about having to love something before keeping it.

Here are some of my picks!

Studded One Shoulder Dress
Speckled Spots Dress

Friday, August 13, 2010

Graduating in style

This is my new LV purse! A graduation gift from my momma! She thought that since I'm going out into the workforce now, its a must that I have a stylish purse to go with a hopefully stylish life in the bay :) I haven't really toted it around much.  I guess when you have something so new, for me at least, it takes me to some time to get comfortable carrying it around... I'm so use to throwing my other purse around so much, I feel like I need to treat this one well!  But I will say I do love my first Louie :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stock up time

I got this mail-in rebate for $10 sent to my email, I dunno how you guys feel about rebates but if you do have the energy to do them its like getting $10 bucks in free products :)  As long as you buy $30 worth of Olay, Pantene Pro-V, Cover Girl, Venus or Secret, any combo of this you can be eligible for the rebate!  I think its pretty good b/c when I buy 1 moisturizer from Oil of Olay, its almost 10 bucks!  So add in a couple more things I can easily stock up on, Cover Girl Lash Blast, some Pantene condition (family size :) it will equal that up in no time, and they're all products most of us use regularly! Just make sure you purchase between now and Sept 17th and mail it by Oct 1st, plenty of time to spend $30 worth of products.

$ 10 Rebate 

Here are some the products I would buy:

Oil of Olay Regenerist Night Cream
Oil of Olay SPF 30 daily moisturizer
Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara - I haven't actually tried it yet but I want to!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

SF Adventure

My friend came to visit SF this past weekend, it was such a good time! She's my first visitor since I moved to the bay! So happy she came, we did so much, ate alot and partied a lot! haha! So overall it was a great trip! Its always great when friends come to visit, theres never enough time to do everything you want.  My cousin did give us an amazing tour of the city: we did shopping at haight street, drove across the golden gate to sausalito, ate ice cream at by-rite around delores park, ate at burma superstar, by the end of the weekend i had no voice left, but it was quite worth a well-done weekend!

First stop: Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building, HIGHLY recommended! SO much good food and lots of vendors!

The flowers at the market were so pretty and the peach samples were delish!

Paparazzi shot while waiting to go on the bridge at the Chinese Tea Garden

One of our nights out, love how everyone wants to be in our pic!

My future 2.7 million condo in Sausalito!

Don't you loveee the view!

Back to the foggy city, but I heart it muchos <3

Thursday, July 22, 2010

35, Single & Fabulous

I love Drew Barrymore! She is so gorgeous and seems so down to earth.  I was at Borders the other day and I came across her Elle August 2010 cover.  I absolutely loved it, I love her smoldering look, wavy hair and black polish with a form fitting shimmery black dress...pure perfection! Her cover quote: "If you're 35 and single and it's a choice, it feels fine. So I didn't settle with the wrong person yet. Big Deal".  I love how she is fine with being single at 35.. as you get older, and everyone around you is getting married, sometimes you feel that pressure put on yourself, but its great that she knows who is and what she wants.

Any pressures of marriage yet?  What do you think of Drew's cover?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Living it up LA Style

So right before I came to SF, I went down to LA & spent a ridiculously fun night in Vegas before starting my job! One last hoo-rah! It was such a great time. We went to the Grove to do some shopping, went to the Griffith observatory, Kodak Theatre, Corona Del Mar Beach, ate lots of good food, hung out with lots of cool people and had a blast :)

walking around the grove

roasting marshmallows on a beach fire we crashed, so californians so nice!

w my 2 college friends, 2 of the most fashionable girls i know, they're darling arent they!?

strolling in the wynn after lunch buffet!

one crazy night at XS

beginning the night at tao

Have you been to LA and /or Vegas? What are your favorite things about those cities?