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Friday, April 30, 2010

Whisk Away to S.F.

This is from a little whiles ago, but I went to S.F. for an interview so I most likely will be moving to S.F. in July if everything goes according to plan! Here are my pictures from my short trip back to S.F.!

Union Square & downtown shopping
Blue bottle coffee, a little hotspot coffee joint!
Brunch at Zazie's...mMmm

Stopping by Chinatown for the New Year festival! (SUPER packed!)
Golden Gate Bakery for some yummy baked goodness!
Gotta have Japanese food when I go back to Cali! With my lovely cousin who took the time to take me aroud :)
Oh S.F. how I adore you!

Have you guys ever been to S.F.? Any S.F. hotspots I should know about?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Limited: Jodi Arnold Collection

I've been a little late in writing about this, but I went to a Limited collaboration launch event for the unveiling of the new Jodi Arnold collection on April April 14th at Tysons Corner Mall in Virginia. It was really fun and a cute event! It felt kinda exclusive because you had to be on a list to go to the event (almost like a club in the mall! haha) and when you got in, there were an assortment of sweets & desserts plus wine and drinks!

I didn't know that much about the New York based designer, Jodi Arnold, before this event, but she was really nice and very down to earth! At the unveiling of her new collection for The Limited, she went over her worldly inspirations for her textures and prints of her collection - the different crafts of various cultures that inspired her. She also inspired by a book called "Half the Sky" and mentioned turning oppression into opportunity.

The fashion show showed the versatility of each piece from casual to business to a night out. Her pieces were very wearable and definitely something I would wear to work for a business casual look that doesn't come off as too boring. The pieces are also really easy to mix and match to create different types of looks. The dresses were easy to wear, the fabrics soft with easy movement. Definitely not fussy clothes, which is definitely what I need!

Have you purchased anything from the Limited Jodi Arnold collection? Which outfit fits you the best?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Product Review: Skin MD Natural

I love trying new products so I was excited to receive a sample of Skin MD Natural to review. I've never heard of it before so I was excited to try a new product, plus I'm always looking for a good moisturizer! The great thing about this product is that its a lotion that you can use for everything - Face, hands and body! which makes this product so super versatile! I use a different lotion for each of those so it was nice to have a product that was good to use everywhere.

Skin MD Natural touted that it was great for not only for those normal skin, but also problem skin conditions such as those with eczema & psoriasis, and an effective anti-aging skin care treatment that helps diminishes wrinkles. It is a shielding lotion, which "special type of lotion helping the skin restore its integrity, enhance its protective functions so that the skin is able to heal naturally and regain its youthful appearance". It basically is suppose to bond to the cells of the skin's outer layer and works as a protection against environmental irritants and pollutants, as well as sealing the skin's own natural oils and moisture. It also has a moisturizing factor that is 6x greater than glycerin, which is contained in many skin lotion products. Skin MD Natural is NOT tested on animals, hypoallergenic, fragrance/colorant/paraben free, and dermatology tested. The great thing about this product is that if you do want to try it, there is a 100% guarantee for this product, and you can also get free samples (only have to pay the postage fee $2) on their website!

This is my review of the product after using it for several months:
Generally I liked this product. My skin gets very dry in the winter months, so initially using, I didn't really like it because it gave me a weird after-feel on my skin (most likely due to the aloe), but once I kept applying it every night, my skin adjusted to the product and it really did give me good moisture to my skin especially as the the weather got better. When my skin is extremely dry, I still felt like it wasn't my end all product, but it was a decent overall product. I also realized that I didn't need to glob on so much, a little really goes a long way. I really liked the fact I could use it on my face and hands!

The texture of the product had a thinner feel to it, it wasn't a thick creamy lotion, but more like a water based aloe texture. It reminded me a little of Clinique Moisture Surge type of feel if you have ever tried that moisturizer before, but a little stickier. I don't have eczema or any serious skin conditions so I cannot comment on its use with those conditions, but there are many testimonials on their websites and even some before and after pictures. With anti-aging effects, I haven't noticed anything dramatic, but I also do not have any deep wrinkles. I also liked the SPF moisturizer better than the one without SPF... plus SPF is always needed on a daily basis! The SPF moisturizer had a much lighter feel than most creamy based moisturizers with SPF, so I was definitely pleasantly surprised by it and it didn't have as much of that aloe feel that the original has. Overall this is a good moisturizer that comes in SPF (which is SUPER important!) and I would definitely give the SPF moisturizer a try over the regular one, especially if you are looking for a new lighter, non-greasy moisturizer!

You would potentially win a free bottle of Skin MD Natural through my FIRST PRODUCT GIVEAWAY! and let me know how you like it (everyone's skin is a little different and how they like different products!) All you have to do is:

1. Go to the Skin MD Natural website or visit a store that carries this product and leave me a comment about what your favorite aspect of the lotion is or what you like about it that makes you want to try it.
**Extra entries:
2. Become a follower + leave a comment saying you are one!
3. Adding me to your blog roll + leave a comment telling me you did so!

Also don't forget to leave your email addy!

Last day for entry is May 1st!

Thank you so much & Thanks to the people at Skin MD Natural for sponsoring this give-away and allowing me to have the opportunity to try out this product!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I was in Fort Worth Texas a few weeks back for a conference. It was really nice since it was all paid for and even sweeter that I got upgraded to first class on my way back! Definitely more roomier, better service and you don't have to pay for food (they even have real utensils if you've never been, haha)

This was my first time in Texas so I was super excited to go! Fort Worth is a smaller city outside of Dallas. It probably only took like 30 minutes to walk around the downtown. It was a really packed weekend since I had classes to attend plus trying to fit in those touristy things! We did go to a rodeo, which was fun and a little sad when the calves' legs got pulled in different directions! But anyhow, it was a good trip & I'm glad I got to see a little of the southwest!

Glimpse of Downtown Fort Worth, Texas
Mmm, Texas Beef!

Bulls as modes of transport?
This cowgirl shows us how to do it!
We can say now that we've gone to Texas and rode a bull!
The kiddies at the Rodeo, the clown made them roll all over in dirt and go back to their parents, it was hilarious!

A night out, drinks were only 75 CENTS!!! We felt rich that night, drinks on me! haha. Coat check costs more than 5 drinks in DC!!!