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Sunday, April 11, 2010


I was in Fort Worth Texas a few weeks back for a conference. It was really nice since it was all paid for and even sweeter that I got upgraded to first class on my way back! Definitely more roomier, better service and you don't have to pay for food (they even have real utensils if you've never been, haha)

This was my first time in Texas so I was super excited to go! Fort Worth is a smaller city outside of Dallas. It probably only took like 30 minutes to walk around the downtown. It was a really packed weekend since I had classes to attend plus trying to fit in those touristy things! We did go to a rodeo, which was fun and a little sad when the calves' legs got pulled in different directions! But anyhow, it was a good trip & I'm glad I got to see a little of the southwest!

Glimpse of Downtown Fort Worth, Texas
Mmm, Texas Beef!

Bulls as modes of transport?
This cowgirl shows us how to do it!
We can say now that we've gone to Texas and rode a bull!
The kiddies at the Rodeo, the clown made them roll all over in dirt and go back to their parents, it was hilarious!

A night out, drinks were only 75 CENTS!!! We felt rich that night, drinks on me! haha. Coat check costs more than 5 drinks in DC!!!


daisychain said...

wow what fab photos!

Allison said...

Omg, I love your photos! It looks like you had such a wonderful time :) And 75 cents for drinks?! I can't even believe that's possible!
You are gorgeous, darling!

Fashion Court said...

i've always wanted to go there! from your pictures, it looks like it's worth the visit! :p

Cafe Fashionista said...

I have FOREVER wanted to visit Texas - how fantastic that you had the chance to spend some time there. And drinks for under a dollar? Yes. Please!! :)

Sarah Klassen said...

Looks like fun! Thanks for sharing some of your favorite memories! $.75 for a drink? Wow!


Join the Gossip said...

Looks like you had a blast! Way to take advantage and get the most you can out of a work trip! That's the best, when you go somewhere for work and get to explore the area as well =)

Elaine said...

How fun!!! Great pictures!

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Audrey Allure said...

Great post, and wonderful pictures. Makes me miss my trip to Texas - I didn't know they had drinks that were 75 cents! haha

Thank you for your sweet comment. I really appreciate it <3

SabinePsynopsis said...

1st class... Nice! I remember flying to Texas and the whole plane was full with guys wearing cowboy hats. Was such a great sight.

LML said...

i'm dying to go to texas - looks like you had a blast!

Polished Sense said...

Looks like so much fun! Loving the Texas beef shot. Yum!