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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Love for Blow Dryed Hair

I just have to always wash my hair every morning. I know its better for you to not wash everyday so shampoos don't strip your natural oils that help keep hair healthy and shiny, as I write this, I'm really considering NOT washing my hair everyday... Anyhow, with that said, I'm a huge blow dryer because I hate having my hair wet when I leave the house. With 8 AM classes, there is no way I can get up 2 hours before to allow my hair to air dry!! I am torturing my tresses :(

My mom is a hair dresser and she uses the SuperSolano Hair Dryer. I never really knew it was a professional hair dryer, I just took it from home before I left for school. I used it everyday to dry my tresses before school for my 4 years in College.. but then comes the day when the coils start burning up and my favorite hair dryer dies. So, me being a cheap student looks for SuperSolano Professional Hair Dryer online, realizing this thing is kinda pricey! I searched some reviews online, and found:

Conair Infiniti Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer
The reviews seemed pretty good. Its suppose to dry your hair quickly while minimizng heat damage leaving hair not frizzy and more manageable. Well, I'm pretty disappointed!

First of all at a "1875 Watts with high torque motor", its nothing compared to the SuperSolano which has the same wattage! The strength of the SuperSolano is def much better for a better blow dry. So I tried to save some cash by getting this one, which I purchased for around 30-40 bucks on Amazon, but such a regretful purchase. Not to mention how it does not compare, once in a while the coils start burning out already after less than a year with an added buzzing noise.

I'm still always up for new products, but this time I think I'll stick to the professional products! I really need a hair dryer that will decrease my drying time and minimizing heat damage is always a PLUS!!

I still can't decide if I should stick by to my tried and true SuperSolano or move onto newer products. I read in Allure Magazine about the Elchim Uragano Iconic Hair Dryer which is suppose dry your hair faster and minimize damage, tempting.. or should I go for an updated
SuperSolano Micro3600 Hair Dryer or just back to my old favorite!?! So many decisions, but first I have to save up for a new one! (or wait till this current one really dies!)

Try googling for some cheaper prices or head to a professional hair supply store like a Sally's Beauty Supply Store

Some other hair dryers with good reviews:
Sedu Ultrapower Professional Hair Dryer
Sedu Ultrasilent Dryer
BabylissPro Ceramic Hair Dryer


SHE said...

thanks for the tips J. i absolutely LOVE your blog

Lil One said...

can't wait for the next blog, J! Keep 'em coming ;)

Lil One said...

ok, so i can't tell you which one to buy cuz im in the same dilemma as you are, but i can tell you what to avoid. do not buy any Hot Tools brand hair dryers, i've gone through three of them!!! crazy, i know. the first one the cord broke, the second one hardly even blows out any air, and the third one, i thought i got a good one, but it sparks up every once and awhile--kinda scary. im currently using a conair 1875, its ok, not enough power for me. sorry for the long comment. later j!