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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Celebrity Halloween

This halloween, one of my friends is hosting a dress up like a celebrity or character party... which should be a lot of fun except not exactly sure what I'm dressing up as yet.

So ideas were thrown out and even InStyle had similar ideas!

The first idea was to be Jonas brothers! HAHA.. that would be funny, but I'm thinking on passing on that idea. We would really just need the hair if we could find a wig and wear a skinny tie with graphic tees and some slim jeans.

Next idea is to be GOSSIP GIRLS. I'm a huge fan of Blair and Serena so that would be a possibility, but only thing is the guys have NO idea who or what is Gossip Girl... but what matters is the girls know, right?? Its pretty much the whole school girl idea with an added headband with a bow.. so it seems pretty simple so I'm wondering if I should think of something more clever. But I do absolutely love the bow headbands and colored tights..

Third idea would be to do Sex in the City - typical Carrie outrageous outfits would be fun!
I actually really like Carrie's flower dress idea. She was totally known to start the flower trend and this one is totally over the top.. so this is a good possibility if I can just find a super huge flower (I'm thinking of hitting up Michaels) !!

I'll let you know what I end up deciding!

1 comment:

seasonal lust said...

i can so see you as carrie with the flower in her dress.

btw, guys DO know Gossip Girls... don't ask how I know, but trust me, they know it well... lol