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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

JAK & JIL - featuring Melanie Huynh

I know this is old news to everyone else, but recently I found out about the website Jak & Jil and I absolutely love it!!! They have this great section on killer heels. It's amazing how by just looking at one's shoes, you want to know so much more about them! They basically take pictures of IT people in the fashion industry, the behind the scenes people and models as well.

Loving these gladiators although it is way too cold to wear these now. This shoe can spice up any outfit. Melanie Huynh, Assistant Stylist for Paris Vogue are sporting these. After seeing her great shoe selection, I googled her (yes I have way too much time on my hands..) I absolutely adore her style.. super chic yet not overdone. But then again, I would only expect someone who is the Junior editor for Vogue Paris to be super stylish. I just love how easy she makes the clothes look.

With Carine Roitfield I also love Carine Roitfield's style..but thats for another entry!
Great combination of prepster cool but slightly edgy
The gladiators are the perfect pairing!

French Vogue's Fashion Dream Team

Don't you just want to find out more about who wears these heels!?
Shoes are a great way of expression!


wendy said...

as always, i'm inspired by your blog entries. i spend like hours a day looking at fashion blogs now. yours of course is my #1!! <3

legz said...

I would give anything to be on that Fashion Dream Team.. they always get to look so stylish and I bet their job is a lot of fun! oh and those gladiators are really cool..

Emily said...

this post was full of inspirational ladies and fabulous footwear!

seasonal lust said...

those shoes look like they could really hurt someone. i love her because she's viet and oh so fabulous. yay us.