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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Deals and Steals of the Week

**UPDATED 10/23/08

Barnes and Nobles - Complimentary Cappuccino! & 15% off 1 item
Ends: Oct. 31st

Loehmann's - 15% off entire order

Oct 23th-Oct 26th

Victoria's Secret - $5 off $30 & more
Ends Oct 26th

Prescriptives 25% off and FREE shipping + free sample
Ends Oct 24th

Macys- 20% off entire order

Oct 22nd - Oct 26th

Steve Madden - FREE SHIPPING on all orders
Ends Oct 26th


seasonal lust said...

J! Thanks. I had fun in Philly, I thought about calling you up but we were running around too much that I didn't think their would be decent time to actually catch up, though you must believe me that I do, especially ever since I found your blog! <3

Hope all is well with you. let me know when you are in town next!

seasonal lust said...

im using my free cappuccino coupon today =)