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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Can't Rain On My Parade..

I went to NYC last weekend, it was a lot of fun but the rain was a little bit of a downer. I thought it was suppose to snow, but actually it rained instead, ALL DAY Sunday :( We made the best of it though.

I almost missed my Bolt Bus at 10PM. I didn't realize it parked in a parking lot, I called my cousin to ask where the Bolt Bus was since she took it earlier in the day and as she told me, I saw the bus start driving away! Luckily it was in one of those paid parking lots which slowed the bus down, so I ran and the bus driver opened the door for me!

Took a nap in the bus and we arrived in the city at 1:45 AM. Straight the club, we went to 230 5th Ave rooftop club. They give you red snuggies to wear outside which is nice since it was so cold! The music isn't all that great there, but it was fun spending time with my friends from Philly.

Some pictures of our other events while in NYC and of course we ended the weekend with the xmas tree at Rockefeller center!

At FAO Schwarz, love the holidays!

Late night eating at 53rd and6th, Chicken and Rice, YUM! Watch out for the red sauce, its quite spicy!!!

Breakfast at Ideya

Eggs Benedict their way
Pancakes with Plantains and Cinnamon, SO GOOD


daisychain said...

thanks for the sweet comment x

LML said...

i really want to do xmas in new york - has to be the most festive place at that time of year!

She's Dressing Up said...

Looks lots of fun!

Elaine said...

Fun!! My husband and I are planning a trip to NYC too!! Any recommendations?? ;)

kanishk said...

has to be the most festive place at that time of year!

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