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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cruise Away!

I just came back from my week-long cruise! Went down to Miami on Sunday and cruised away from Monday-Friday. Had a little trouble with Tropical Storm Fay, but only in the beginning of the week, by the end the weather was gorgeous! Bahamas was absolutely gorgeous! Check out the Atlantis Hotel if you have a chance, its beautiful!!

So for a week long vacay:

You need a cute carry-on luggage. But if you're gonna bring makeup, you should probably check your bag since they only allow one ziplock bag of 3 oz or less items.

Don't forget to pack your bathing suit, favorite shades and sunscreen - SPF30+ is a MUST! & for those loungy days, bring a cute hat to wear on the beach!

Pretty much, just enjoy yourself when you're on vacation! Def. hit up the beach before summer ends! Its crazy how fast summer has gone by!

Part of the Atlantis Hotel

Lobster Paella in Miami

The Cruise Ship

Finishing the day off with dessert..Yum!


Poster Girl said...

How beautiful! The food on cruises is divine, isn't it? Regarding the black blazer you inquired about, it's from Forever 21.

strikeapose said...

That looks so fun! The desserts look yummm.