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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sales Galore!

I recently got a few really great purchases! Theres some great summer sales going on. I would definitely recommend checking out

1. Urban Outfitters - when I went, it was additional 50% off sale items! Its great scoring a dress thats originally $58 for $15, pretty much 75% off!! Ridiculously good.. I don't normally shop there, but we just happen to stroll in. The sale stuff online is actually pretty decent as well, not additional off but still pretty decent!

2. H&M - they've got some great end of the summer sales, I purchased a skirt there for only $5 (the one in my birthday pictures), but at my most recent visit, I actually didn't find anything I liked in my size. Its sad when you find something you really like but not in your size :( but I would still seek it out cuz some H&Ms are better than others

3. Banana Republic - I LOVE BR petites. They always have the best stuff in smaller sizes which is great for my frame. They have a bunch of final sale items so I got a really cute black ruffled cardigan for only $12.97. What a lucky find! I love ruffles + I keep wearing the same cardigan over my dresses to work so it'll be good to switch it up! Its similar to this Express cardigan if you're curious!

4. Target - My friend Lorrie and my cousin BOTH bought 4 pairs of shoes for under $20!! How ridiculously good is that! They always have good sales online as well. Its great cuz you can return what you don't like at the store so I'm never hesitant to buy from At my recent visit, the Target by my house didn't have a large mark downs, a pair of heels my friend got for $4.98 was still $13.98, but I'm sure the price will come down soon so check at your local stores since it seems not everything is marked down at the same time. Below is a cute pair for only $5.25 online.

Gotta love a good sale esp in these tough recession times! Also because I am a super poor optometry student :(


Savvy Mode SG said...

you did go shopping. sounded you had a blast. i love the color of the dress.

Hanako66 said...

that's've gotta love a great sale, sounds like you found a few great deals!