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Monday, November 10, 2008

Eyebrow Threading

I recently got my eyebrows threaded, which was a MUCH better experience then when I had my eyebrows waxed for the first time. The waxing was terrible, I was left with thin brows that I hated. I decided that I would never try that again. I was a little reluctant to try eyebrow threading, but with the push of my friend, I did it and it turned out really well!

Eyebrow threading originated in Middle East and Asia (sources vary). I first learned of it from my Indian friends. It is a procedure of hair removal, which uses a cotton string (the type you sew with) that is looped around each hair and is pulled from the follicle. Threading is not only used for the eyebrows, but can be used on the entire face, including upper lip, chin, sideburns and cheeks. Threading can define the eyebrows and keep them lasting longer. The lady who did mine said I didn't have to come back for 3 weeks! I could notice some hairs growing slightly by 1 week, but not enough to go back. I figure I would just keep the natural contour of the brows by plucking them myself with my good old tweezers.

I had my eyebrows threaded at a local mall stand, although I hear the Indian ladies who do it at their houses are much better.. but we were already at the mall and the ladies that were doing it seemed pretty good! My friends and I watched a few people go ahead of us, and everyone came out with really nice looking brows! I would recommend you watch a few people first to get a feel of how it is done. Threading takes years of experience so you want to make sure the person who is doing it knows what they are doing as well.

It wasn't really painful, but it did hurt a little bit because they pull out several hairs at once, plus my eyebrows were a little unruly so she probably had more work to do than for others. haha. Overall, I was really satisfied with the procedure and would definitely recommend it for anyone to try it. I really loved how they cleaned up my brows and gave me nice, natural arch. I would definitely recommend it!

Threading is more precise than waxing since they are taking each hair out and it can be more easily defined. It does hurt a bit, but only slightly more than plucking due to the quickness of the procedure. Your eyebrow area may be red for some time, but it will go down within an hour or so (the lady told us 15 minutes). Mine wasn't red at all, but my friend's eyebrows looked red and swollen, but that went away after some time. There are no chemicals used, so if your eye area is easily irritated by those products, this is a better way to go. The hair supposedly does not grow back as fast and grows back finer! Definitely give it a try if you encounter it.


Lindsay said...

I've been curious about this and wanted to try it..thanks for the info!

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issa said...

yay for eyebrow threading.. i actually just went 2 weekends ago..

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Just come across ur blog...i like it..:)...