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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Coach Galore

When I was on vacation, we took a scooter around Key West and did some shopping, in which I found some great deals at the Coach Outlet. I never really thought about buying a Coach bag again.. my first coach purse was given to me on my birthday 4 years ago! Quite a while and after that I figured I would diversify by getting other bags but then grad school hit, and I never could afford anything else. Waiting till my first post-grad paycheck to get a Chanel purse, it will be my love. haha.

I was actually looking for a slouchy, brown leather bag, but of course I end up with a structured black purse. I've been needing a large bag since my old Coach purse is so tiny, I can only fit so much in there. I def. needed to upgrade my purse to fit my whole entire life! The Coach purse was such a good deal that I couldn't pass on this leather bag plus it didn't have all the CCs everywhere so I liked the simplicity of it. Plus I was reading People Magazine's top fall trends, I'll write an entry on my picks for another time, but one of them was lady-like bags for the fall. PERFECT! I was a little unsure if I wanted the bag since it wasn't really what I was looking for, but after using it for the week, I decided that I am super happy with my purchase. Its a medium sized tote that's large enough to carry all my stuff, but doesn't overwhelm my petite frame and also a classic bag that will last me forever! I even found a purpose for the little Coach scarf my friend bought for my for my birthday a couple of years ago.

I also got a Coach trench coat. I absolutely LOVE trench coats. My favorite will still be the black one I got in Paris. BR is selling one right now for $225... so I figured anything over 50% of that would be an okay splurge and also a Burberry one is totally non-affordable at the moment.

*Sorry for the poor picture quality! My brother went to Asia with my camera so I was stuck with our old digicam which no longer works so the low quality pictures are from my trusty camera phone.


Lindsay said...

ohh love the bag and the trench! good finds!

Lindsay said...

yes let's definitely exchange links!

Lil One said...

what an awesome steal on the trenchcoat!!! im super jealous, and it looks great on you. and the bag is so professional, very appropriate for rotations, looks alot like the madeline bag by coach selling for $358!!! gotta luv a good sale.

Stylecoach said...

Awesome bags and what a very beautiful trench coat. i like it even in a different colors. Thank you for sharing.