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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Madewell Super Sale

I ALWAYS love a good deal! I rarely ever buy anything full-price unless its something that likely won't go on sale or I really LOVE it.  For most things, if you wait or search online, you can always find a discount!

During my recent travel around Asia, I thought I had packed my favorite necklaces (my mistake for packing the 3 that I wear all the time, leaving none left once they got jacked!) but by the time I got to Hong Kong, they were no longer in my luggage and once I got home, no where to be found..... so whatever happened to them, whether stolen or dropped out of my bag unexpectedly, someone else is enjoying them! It totally breaks my heart :(  Key jewelry pieces can elevate an outfit to a whole another level. Ever since then, I go into a wide variety of stores even if I don't shop there often just to sneak a peak at their jewelry section in search of replacements for my prev favorites.   

As I stopped in Madewell, I found a ridiculous sale section there!  They had a whole bunch of things on a table for 4.99 each!  They had shorts, white denim skinnies, bathing suits, lightweight soft t-shirts! The assortment of clothes was great! The only thing was most of the sizes of pants/shorts were all larger than what I wear so I couldn't fit any of them, but if you happen to fit into any of them, it would be an AMAZING deal.  I couldn't believe you could get a pair of denim jeans that go for around $100 for only $5! I bought 3 shirts that day for TWENTY bucks from Madewell! Amazing deal, two of them were $5 and I found something on a non-$4.99 rack that was only $10.  I asked the cashier, how often do they have these amazing deals... she said mainly at the end of a season, when things haven't been selling and they really just want to get rid of them.  Great for us!  Anyway, keep an eye out for these deals!  Madewell, unlike its sister's store, J.Crew, you can definitely find some amazing deals there! I love the clothes there as well, although at regular price, its a little steep for me to justify without a good sale :)  

Happy Shopping!

BTW, it's been less than a week since I encountered this sale and from the sale people, it seems like it goes on until most of the merchandise is gone. If you guys have encountered this sale, let me know if your local Madewell has it!  The one I went to was in Tysons Corner, VA.


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

What? Those are crazy prices!

Amanda Nguyen said...

what whaaaaaat??!! is this for real??!
wooow what great deals!!


Ambyr said...

Uhm I kind of want to leave work and go straight to Madewell. (no joke)
Wait, really, now I'm seriously wondering if my Madewell is having those deals. I love their store! I can't even focus on the task at hand, but who am I joking, I found your blog while working. ha.