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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Perfect Blow Out

I have previously been on a mission to perfect curling my hair. I know it seems a little silly, but whenever I see girls with such pretty easy curls/waves, I wish my hair could be like that! Although, not quite there, plus I'm pretty lazy with taking the extra effort to curl my hair, but you have to admit putting a pretty bow headband and you're on the go..SO much easier! I recently read in Glamour magazine, an article about "how to get a $50 blow-out" and I found a video on their website of this hair how-to. If you follow these steps, you get a ton of volume! I've had one good go and one not so good... but I figure I can def. make this work. I just wish my hair would grow faster!!

I would embed the video but I'm not HTML literate enough too, so please click the link to view the video :)

I think this is a good video to modify from. It does take a good amount of time though. I really like it when they let down her hair from the clips and the curls from that. I actually don't think you should do all that work and then tease it out!

I blow dry in sections and curl up 2-inch sections and secure with a clip. Then I wait for 10-15 minutes, blow dry with the diffuser for a little bit and then let my hair down from the clips. I re-curl some of the sections with my curling iron.. and ta da! done! I like this because it gives you a lot of volume!


Anonymous said...
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LML said...

after years of fighting against my curly/wavy hair, i have surrendered and havent used and heating tools in like 6 months!

although those professionals do great blowouts :)

Anonymous said...
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