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Thursday, January 22, 2009

In Love with The Big Apple

Over my short winter break, I went to NYC.. which is always so much fun! I had a million things to do once I got back from NY... pretty much pack up all my stuff and get to Cali! But I'm glad I got the chance to visit one last time... it'll be a while before I go back! Looking back at the pictures, I almost forgot how cold it is over there.

We of course went to see the infamous Rockafeller Tree,
but I think this one at Radio City is so much cuter!
We went to the Free Fridays at the MoMa sponsored by my
very favorite store, Tar-jay! Yay for free things!

First time eating White Castle, thumbs down! I may look happy but
those soggy burgers are no good.. doesn't compare to In & Out at all!

We watched Spamalot with Clay Aiken! Haha. It was ALRIGHT.
Not my type of humor so I personally wouldn't recommend it

Hagi Japanese Restaurant in Times Square
I thought the flakes of my tofu were moving..
silly me, just the air blowing it

YUM! Eating scrumptious apple glazed chutney pork chops
at Bobbly Flay's restaurant Bar Americain -
Guess what celebrity sighting we saw!?!?!

Last meal, a very deliciouso breakfast, my favorite.
Reminds me of The Waffle Shop..


Fashion Therapist said...

Awe I love the Big Apple...hope you had fun!

Lindsay said...

mm the food looks delish! I love Bobby Flay!

amynicola_ox said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog,
love yours! NYC is one of my favorite cities, I can't wait to go back this year - looks like you ha tons of fun.`xo

Stefanie Grace said...

Food looks yummy! I'm hoping to make my first trip to NYC this year some time, maybe after graduation!
Who was your celeb sighting?!! hmmm

.::: iR Josephine :::. said...

Ahhh mouthwateringly good, if there's even such word! Lovely blog... I've added you to my blogroll if that no problem :-)

Feel free to swap links and roam as you like. Have a nice week!